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New Website:

Welcome to the Megaverse.
Every week new games will decide the winner of our mega prize.
3% of all volume throughout the week is paid out to the high score/random winner of our
weekly games.
‍Let the games begin.
‍New games are added weekly.


The biggest prizes in crypto!

Stock Market
Stock Trading Graph

Buy/Sell Tax

3% for the weekly prize
2% for marketing/development

Total Supply


Max Wallet

Limits Removed


Road Map

Phase One: Weekly Games.
Form Community.
No False Promises.

Phase Two: Listen to community and build from there.
Create Dashboard showing the current weekly Mega Prize.
Continue bringing innovative games.

Phase Three:
I will not promise anything that can't be delivered.
Time will tell where we can bring this.
The moon is where we are aiming.
Volume decides the size of our prizes.
Hopefully by phase three prizes are massive.

Illuminated Objects

The Biggest Prizes in Crypto

New games are announced every week.
Based on the game of the week, the high scorer or random winner is sent 3% of our weekly volume in eth.

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